Summer Schedule

VVSC Summer Skating Overview  – click here

Spring Schedules

May/June extra sessions – click here

2019-2020 Regular Season Schedule

Regular Season schedule – coming soon.

Junior STARSkate Schedules

Next Junior STARSkate session begins summer 2019.
For summer Junior STARSkate information – click here

CanSkate Schedules

Next available session begins Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

Winter 2019 CanSkate Schedule – click here
Spring 2019 CanSkate Schedule – click here

CanPowerSkate Schedules

Next available CanPowerSkate session begins Monday,March 25, 2019 – click here

Regular season CanPowerSkate schedules – click here
Spring 2019 CanPowerSkate Schedule – click here

Adult Schedules

Adult Figure Skate – see regular season schedule above.
Adult CanPowerSkate 2018 – see CanPowerSkate schedule above.
Adult CanSkate 2018 – 2019 – not available due to lack of ice time and interest.

Wednesday Evenings at SMC

Due to Blazers games and other events, some Wednesday sessions at SMC are cancelled. This year, Wednesday evenings at SMC have been pro-rated.  There will be no make up sessions. Please check the link below for Wednesday evening schedule.

Wednesdays at SMC – click here.