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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get my skates sharpened?
CanSkate skates can be sharpened locally at Consigner Sports (789 Notre Dame).

We recommend a more professional figure skate sharpening for skaters in Junior Star and up. Skaters’ Edge in Coquitlam or Blade Runner in Vernon are commonly used and liked by our skaters.

2. What time is public skate?
Please check the city website for public skating times.

3. What do the ribbons and badges mean?
In CanSkate, skaters earn a ribbon when they have achieved all skills in a particular category – balance, control, or agility. Each category has a progression of levels from 1 to 6. When a child achieves all skills in all categories at a particular level, they receive that level badge (for example receiving level 1 balance, control and agility ribbons equals level 1 badge).

4. When are badges and ribbons given out?
Badges and ribbons will be attached to your child’s name tag on the CanSkate table at any time through the 10 lesson program, whenever they have achieved all skills in a particular category. Children may achieve these skills at a different pace from others. You may remove these ribbons or badges from their name tag before they go on the ice.

5. Does my child get a ribbon when they move from PreCanSkate to CanSkate?
Not necessarily.  They will start receiving ribbons as they achieve skills in each category.

6. What day did I register for?
Please check your receipt. It will have been emailed to you with your program details, or you can look up your receipt online by logging in to your registration account and clicking on the “Profile” tab.

7. Can I get a receipt?
You would have been emailed a receipt at the time of registration.  You can also look up your receipt online by logging in to your registration account.

8. Do I have to pay the membership fee?
Yes, this fee goes to Skate Canada to register and insure all skaters. As a Skate Canada sanctioned club, we are not able to waive this fee. Your membership fee is valid for an entire year from September 1 to August 31.

9. Can I get a refund?
Please read our Valleyview Skating Club Policies to see if you qualify. This document can be found here.  All applications for refunds should be made to our Registrar at

10. When do lessons start?
The schedules page on our website is the best place to look for current information regarding schedules:

11. What level should I register my child in?
PreCanSkate is for beginners still learning to stand and walk on the ice. CanSkate is for all other levels of learning to skate; skaters should at least be able to get up on their own and walk on the ice independently. Star 1 is the next step after CanSkate and our beginning to figure skate program. Skaters for this category will have been invited from CanSkate or new members with advanced skills may audition for a coach.

12. Can I use a ski or bike helmet for lessons?
No. CSA approved multiple impact hockey helmet is required.

13. My child has never been on skates. What should I do?
Take them to public skating to have some fun and get used to being on the ice. This will also help you to figure out if they are ready for lessons.

14. Should I register my child for more than one day per week?
One day per week is usually plenty for PreCanSkate and CanSkate skaters. Some who are close and working hard to move onto Star 1 come twice per week. Once in Star 1, we recommend at least 2 times per week.

15. I paid the membership fee in the fall and was charged again in the winter. How do I get a refund?
If you create a new account, you will be charged the membership fee. The best plan is to register using the same email and registration account each time you register. If for any reason, you do get charged the membership fee again, please email our registrar and include details such as your skater’s name and program.